Nathan is an NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions that is found in the Fossil Park Main Office, located on Ribular Island. He is a very childish young man who proves himself to be a big fan of Joe Wildwest. He appears to have a strange obsession with shops. He wears a yellow hat and a yellow jacket.


"Is this a candy shop? It's a candy shop, right?! I eat candy all the time! I want some now!"

"Hey! Hey! Is this a toy store?! I love toys! I wanna buy some vivosaur action figures!"

"Hey! Is this a comic shop? I love comic shops! I love comics! I read comics all the time! I hope it's a comic shop! I've been looking everywhere for issue 145 of The Preternatural Vivosaur-Men!"

"Hey, wait! This isn't a store at all! Do they bring lost kids here or something? Boo! Booooo!"

"I seriously thought this was a store! I was so excited! Like, wooo! But it's not a store! ...That's dumb."

"I wish this was an arcade! Wouldn't it be awesome if this was an arcade?! Yeah! It would be awesome! I'd spend all my quarters on the new Vivosaurs Fighters DX Alpha!"

"Someone should turn this into a store that sells pickaxes with cool names! Like Stung! And Digscalibur! ...And Slam-Cling the Rock Foe!"

"This isn't a shop! But it should be! It should be! It should be a shop that sells Joe Wildwest merchandise!"

"...I know this isn't a shop. But now I've been here so long, I've got nowhere else to go. I GOT NOWHERE ELSE TO GOOOOO!"

"Be sure to come to my store when I grow up, OK? It's going to sell candy , comics, and Joe Wildwest merchandise, and pickaxes, and have an arcade! It's gonna be the best store EVER!"

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