Nell is a female character featured within Fossil Fighters: Champions. She can be fought in the Caliosteo Cup's 3rd Round. In her pre-battle introduction, she practices laughing like Don Boneyard. She wears a yellow dress and always has a teal parasol with her.


Cranial Fossil Stadium - Cranial Island: The Hero's 3rd Cup match is with Nell, and she uses all Fire-Type Vivosaurs, which can be found around Mt. Krakanak.

Fire Medal Yango

Fire Medal Sungari Fire Medal Berto
Yango Battle Sungari Battle Berto Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 67

Attack 2 17

Defense 2 7

Accuracy 2 37

Evasion 2 11

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 44

Attack 2 19

Defense 2 3

Accuracy 2 31

Evasion 2 14

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 123

Attack 2 27

Defense 2 10

Accuracy 2 31

Evasion 2 9

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