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Neutral is one of the five Elements featured in both Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions. Ignoring the secret neutral or Legendary Vivosaurs, it is the rarest element. Neutral Vivosaurs have no elemental weaknesses or advantage over other elements. The medal is shown to bear a white ring. Neutral Vivosaur stats are typically very well-rounded. However, some members like Allo have individual stats considerably higher than others.

Members (in Numerical Order)

  • Allo Medal FFC Allo 
  • Megalo Medal FFC Megalo 
  • 250px-Krypto
    Neo Medal FFC Neo
  • Tro Medal FFC Tro 
  • Aopteryx Medal FFC Aopteryx
  • Orno Medal FFC Orno
  • O-Raptor Medal FFC O-Raptor 
  • Brachio Medal FFC Brachio 
  • Apato Medal FFC Apato 
  • Penta Medal FFC Penta 
  • Mihu Medal FFC Mihu 
  • Jara Medal FFC Jara
  • Penta
    Guera Medal FFC Guera
  • Krypto Medal FFC Krypto 
  • E-Raptor Medal FFC E-Raptor 
  • Nippono Medal FFC Nippono 
  • Titanis Medal FFC Titanis 
  • Tophis Medal FFC Tophis 
  • Gaudry Medal FFC Gaudry 
  • B-Brachio Medal FFC B-Brachio 
  • Dinomaton Medal FFC Dinomaton
  • Dynal Medal FFC Dynal 
  • Squik Medal FFC Squik

Super Evolvers

  • Giga Allo Medal FFC Giga Allo 
  • O-Raptor Fiend Medal FFC O-Raptor Fiend
  • Ryden Medal FFC Ryden


  • Neutral is the only element that lacks a Vivosaur with the FP Plus ability.
  • Neutral Vivosaurs have no weakness or resistance on other Elements.
  • The Vivosaurs with the shortest name, Tro and Neo, and the Vivosaur with the longest name, O-Raptor Fiend, are all Neutral

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