Nevada Montecarlo (Japanese: ハンナ Hanna) is a female Fossil Fighter first encountered within the Digadigamid in Fossil Fighters. Just like the player, she has also fallen in BB Bandit Snivels' trap. After you help her escape, you can lead her out of the Digadigamid and receive her assistance in saving the Digadig Tribe's treasures. She occasionally lashes her whip for no apparent reason. She is the Level 2 Master, and in her level-up battles she uses a U-Raptor, a Lexo, and a Nychus. After you complete the game, you can speak with Dr. Diggins. He will ask you to acquire three items. He then asks the player to retreive the Goldonite for the time machine. The player must beat Nevada to retrieve said item.


Fossil Stadium - Vivosaur Island: The Round Two Level-Up Battle is fought against Nevada.

Fire Medal U-Raptor

Earth Medal Lexo Fire Medal Nychus  
U-Raptor Battle FF Lexo Battle FF Nychus Battle FF

Rank 1Rank 2

LP 1 99

Attack 1 24

Defense 1 5

Accuracy 1 44

Evasion 1 17

Rank 1Rank 3

LP 1 90

Attack 1 17

Defense 1 8

Accuracy 1 38

Evasion 1 11

Rank 1Rank 2

LP 1 67

Attack 1 17

Defense 1 5

Accuracy 1 42

Evasion 1 16


  • Her name is probably a play on "Indiana Jones." Her whip supports this.

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