The Newsroom is a building in Fossil Fighters: Champions that is located in Western Ribular Town. It is assumed that it prints the newspaper for the Caliosteo Islands. It is run by a Staff Person. The Newsroom houses Tess Score in the aftergame.

Newsroom Staff Quotes

"Welcome to the newsroom! We're running around like crazy with the Cup about to start, but it's a fun kind of crazy!"

"Welcome to the newsroom. All broadcasting equipment and cameras are kept in the back."

"Welcome to the newsroom. Now that the Cup is finally starting, I can showcase my chops as a star on-air personality!"

"Welcome to the newsroom. We don't just cover news here. We're also the ones who send all the Paleopager messages. I'm glad they invented those. They're such a great way to keep in touch!"

"Welcome to the newsroom. Did you know we control the Mammoth Vision broadcasts from here? Someday I'm going to take over the Mammoth Vision and ask a boy to marry me."

"Welcome to the newsroom. I was thinking of starting my own Paleopager talk show, but I worry it would annoy the Fighters."

"This is the newsroom! Can't talk! Too busy! Final coming up! It's my last chance to get on the air!"

"Welcome to the newsroom. The Cup is over, and I didn't get on the air once. Not ONE SINGLE TIME! ...Maybe I have a face for radio."

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