Scatterly investigating the Caliosteo Slablets.

Prof. Nigel Scatterly
is the curator of the Caliosteo Museum  on Cranial Isle. The player first encounters Scatterly lying in on the ground in the middle of the Jungle Labyrinth. He asks the player to get him a melon spud so he may have the energy to get up. After getting the spud, he thanks the player and walks away. After remedying these, the professor will identify himself as the curator of the Caliosteo Museum on Cranial, thanks the player, and leaves.The player finds Scatterly on the ground two more times, first lacking in sleep, and later in water, in Icegrip Plateau and Dusty Dunes.

The player does not need to talk to Scatterly again until the player learns that Zongazonga has been inside Joe Wildwest's head the whole game. When the player explains to Scatterly what has happened, Scatterly agrees to help the player. But as soon as the player and Scatterly leave the museum, Zongazonga frames the player for cheating in the tournament. Scatterly helps the player escape the crowd of people who try to subdue him or her, while the player fights Zongazonga.

After beating the game, the player can go back to the museum and talk to Scatterly, where he will ask the player to tell him about the battle against Zongazonga. The story will take place as a flashback, and the player will be able to fight Zongazonga again, this time with any Vivosaurs he or she has in the team, regardless of level. However, the story is so fascinating to Scatterly, that he forgets to "take notes" and asks the player to tell the story again sometime. Through Scatterly, the player can battle Zongazonga as many times as he or she wants (fulfulling a role similar to Mr. Richmond in the original).


  • Scatterly is an old, forgetful professor who often leaves his tools behind.
  • He appears to be British, seeing as how he says things like "wot wot" or "a spot of tea."
  • He is similar to Dr. Diggins in the aspect that both he and the doctor are very forgetful.
  • The player must also collect a mask for you and he to wear. In Fossil Fighters, the player battles for Saurhead masks for Dr. Diggins and the player, while in Fossil Fighters: Chapions, the player and Scatterly are given Ty Ranno Masks.