Noel is a NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions that is located in Ribular Town. He wears a light green shirt, blue jeans, black shirt, and has black hair. He prides himself in knowlegde of the fossil park, and claims to have three thumbs.


"Oh, it's on! It is oooooon, baby! Yeah! The Caliosteo Cup is finally starting! The world will know how strong I am because it is ON! Yeah! Not off! No, sir! Only on for this guy!"

"You wanna know what's going on? I'm your man. Because no one knows more about being on than this guy! So you know that giant fossil over at Treasure Lake? Apparently you can go inside it!"

"Even a guy like me gets lost from time to time. Just the other day, I got all turned around in the Jungle Labyrinth. Had to whip out a map and everything."

"Who's got three thumbs and knows what's going on? ...THIS GUY! ...Yeah, I got three thumbs. What of it? Anyway, my friends in the know say the rails at Mt. Krakanak can only be accessed by rail carts."

"You've come to the right place for info, friend. Because I know what's going ooooon! Check this out: at Rainbow Canyon, you can ride a gondola and dig in the side of a cliff!"

"Hey! Check out the latest gossip from the man with his ear to the ground. Seems like Hot Spring Heights has an actual hot spring AND a pay to dig site! Crazy for one place to have all that good stuff. ...Just like it's crazy for me to be smart and beautiful!"

"Psst! Hey! Come take a listen to what's going OOOOOON! There's a cave in the furthest reaches of Icegrip Plateau! ...What? Not Impressed?"

"Check out this whale of a tale from the master of disaster! I have it on good authority that you can dig up fossil rocks from inside the Bonehemoth!"

"I'm on! Totally on! In fact, I'm on FIRE! Check this tasty tidbit... They finally opened a dig site over in the Petrified Woods. Now we can go there and ROCK some digging!"

"Joe Wildwest was taken over by Zongazonga! 'Course, I knew the whole time. ...Because I know what's ON!"

"There's a new fossil stadium over in the BB Brigade Base ...Sorry. That's all, I did not have any coffee this morning, so I'm less excited than usual."

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