Joanie and Pooch

Princess Pooch, the princess of Nomadistan, with her caretaker Joanie.

Nomadistan is a faraway country that little is known about. It is currently ruled by a monarchy of canines, and has been for eons.


Nomadistan was constantly at war in ancient times and had a terrible losing streak. The frailties of human leaders were to blame for this. The people of Nomadistan made a desperate move to replace the human royal families with canine ones, in hopes of regaining peace. The idea worked, and Nomadistan never fought again under canine rule. 

Nomadistanian Fighters

Fighters from here:

-Minister Pomposa

-Joanie/Princess Pooch

Fighter Teams

Minister Pomposa

Pomposa's team during the main storyline is unknown, nor is it confirmed that he had any Vivosaurs before the Ribular Battle Royale.

-Ribular Battle Royale

Daspleto - Silver Body, Rank 20

Acro - Silver Body, Rank 20

Raja - Silver Body, Rank 20

Joanie/Princess Pooch

The team of Joanie, or, more accurately, Princess Pooch, changes many times throughout the storyline and postgame.

-Rainbow Canyon

Peloro - Rank (3)

Tryma - Rank (3)

Machai - Rank (3)

-Caliosteo Cup 

Gomp - Silver (), Rank ()

Gomp - Rank ()

Marple - Rank ()


Andrarch - Rank 20

Paki - Rank 20

Zanth - Rank 20

-Cranial Isle Battle Royale

Anato - Rank 20

Nodo - Rank 20

Ankylo - Rank 20


  • The name appears to be a mix of 'nomad' and 'distant'. Minister Pomposa himself states that the country is secluded and far away from other lands. 
  • Everyone from there (excluding the dogs) seems to favor French as their language. 
  • Minister Pomposa's name could be a corruption of 'pompous'.

This article is a work in progress.

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