Oonga Oonga is the Ice "Monster" of Coldfeet Glacier. You have to talk to Margaret (to the right of the entrance), first. She will say something about the Oonga Oonga. Then start digging around her, and you will eventually find it. It shows up as a regular blip on the Fossil Radar. When you do find it, go to Mr. Richmond and he will tell you that it likes Snowberries. Buy Snowberries as Today's Special at the Fossil Guild. Find Oonga Oonga again and give it the Snowberries, then go back to Mr. Richmond and recieve an Oonga Oonga Mask. Wear the mask every time you go to Coldfeet Glacier and when you find Oonga Oonga, it will do a little dance and give you a Fossil Rock. According to the Official Fossil Fighters guide, the first eleven fossils are pre-determined. It is unknown if the Fossil Rocks obtained after are randomized or also set in a pre-determined pattern. This creature resembles a domo, with the differences being in height, girth, tooth shape, and fur color.

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