P.A. Leon is one of the two commentators that observe every Fossil Battle the player wages and comment on the Vivosaur's Abilities, skill, and strategy.


P.A. as he appears in Fossil Fighters.

He is the Play by Play expert, and is constantly teamed with the color commentator, Slate Johnson. His advice is creditable and applies to the battle. His name is most likely a pun on P.A. (Public Announcer) and paleontology (the study of prehistoric life) as both apply to what he does.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, he and Slate are replaced by Ty Ranno and Trip Cera.


  • At the end of each battle, P.A. will have a different set of comments that changes depending on how many Vivosaurs the player has left after the battle, with each line of dialogue appearing in sync with one of the player's Vivosaur's victory animation.
    • If the player has 3 Vivosaurs, he will say:
      "<player> wins! What a victory!
      He had no signs of weakness-- just a brilliantly designed team!
      That's it folks! From P.A. Leon and Slate Johnson--we're out!"
    • If the player has 2 Vivosaurs, he will say:
      "<player> is the victor of this nail-biter of a battle!
      Everyone, this is P.A. Leon and Slate Johnson saying, 'Later!'"
    • If the player has 1 Vivosaur, he will say:
      "<player> is the winner! 'Til next time, thanks for tuning in, folks!"

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