Parchment Desert

アチスナさばく Achisuna Desert

Parchment Desert


Vivosaur Island


Fossil Fighters

Parchment Desert (Japanese: アチスナさばく Achisuna Desert) is a Dig Site in Fossil Fighters. It, along with Coldfeet Glacier, is unlocked after the player completes the main story. Parchment Desert is a large, immensely hot desert that contains a large number of powerful Vivosaurs.

Because of the heat, the Sonar will not work. To actually find fossils, the player must buy oasis seeds from the guild (they are listed as 'Today's Special' at 20,000 for 1 seed) and bring them to an old man in the desert. After four oases are created, the player can dig throughout the area, but as long as you have 1 you can dig up common fossils. When the next oasis is created rarer fossils can be found, and so on. This area is where some of the most powerful Vivosaurs in the game are found. It forms the eye of the skull-shaped island.

Vivosaurs in this Dig Site

Orno, Smilo, Arsith, Giganto and Aopteryx appear after one Oasis Seed has been planted. Allo, Perso, Mihu, and Gorgo appear after two to three Oasis Seeds have been planted. T-Rex appears after four Oasis Seeds have been planted.

An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
001 T-Rex mini medal T-Rex* Fire Fire Medal
003 Gorgo Medal Gorgo Fire Fire Medal
010 Allo mini medal Allo Neutral Neutral Medal
015 Giganto mini medal Giganto Fire Fire Medal
031 Aopteryx mini medal Aopteryx* Neutral Neutral Medal
040 Orno mini medal Orno Neutral Neutral Medal
047 Perso mini medal Perso Earth Earth Medal
079 Mihu mini medal Mihu Neutral Neutral Medal
090 Arsith mini medal Arsith Earth Earth Medal
096 Smilo mini medal Smilo Fire Fire Medal


  • You need a certain amount of oases to find each of the fossils.
  • To start the quest for finding the creature in Coldfeet Glacier, all four oases must be grown.
  • Strangely, your Sonar can work just fine in Mt. Lavaflow even though it should be hotter than Parchment Desert.

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