Park Area
Park Area Map


Vivosaur Town (Vivosaur Island)


Fossil Fighters

The Park Area is one of three areas located in Vivosaur Town.


There isn't much to do in this particular area, but there are a lot of sights and people that can be seen here. The Trial Dig Site, Bea Ginner, and the Fossil Lawn are all situated here. After the player becomes a Level Four Fossil Fighter, the Fossil Cannon becomes available for use. Bea Ginner and the Trial Dig Site disappear after a certain point within the first chapter. In the south-west portion of this area is a small section surrounded by trees and a grassy path that leads to a small dock. This is where the BB Bandits park their ship and where the player has to go before he/she become a Level Six Fighter. This is also where Rosie meets the player at night of the start of Chapter Six. There is also a complete T-Rex skeleton to gaze upon in the far north region of this section.

NPCs Found Here


  • The reason Duna and Rosie meet you at the dock of the Park Area at night might mean it is used often as a date spot for people of the island. However, this would be a little strange since the BB Bandits also use this spot to dock their vessel and move between Vivosaur Island and the BB Base.
  • If at the end of the game you choose Duna to come with you when battling Guhnash, you'll be told to come to the Park Area and perform The Digadig Hip-Shaker Dance in front of the T-Rex skeleton to revive Duna.

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