ポリュン Poryun



Eye Colour


Hair Colour



Digadig Chieftain (Grandfather)

Specializes in

Fire Medal-Element Vivosaurs

Signature Vivosaur

Omias Battle


Fossil Fighters: Champions


Pauleen is usually seen wearing a magical mask, presumably from the Digadig Tribe, in order to help her overcome her incredible shyness. With it on, she seems loud and prideful, which contrasts with her true kind and bashful nature. It is learning to overcome her fear of talking to people without her mask that drives her character development through the story. Before you battle her in the post-game, she claims that her power comes from the hip-shaker dance.

Her grandfather is revealed to be the Digadig Chieftain.


When you first battle her in a storyline event, she has a Berto, a Berta and a Krypto.

When you battle her at the semifinals during the main story, she has a Synthos, an Omias, and a Plesio.

Hare Club - Cranial Isle: Pauleen is located at The Hare Club after the story. Her team has greatly improved and now consists of all Fire-Types.

Pauleen VS Icon FFC

U-Raptor Medal FFC Saichan Medal FFC Omias Medal FFC
BP Earned: 0

Fire Medal U-Raptor

U-Raptor Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 440
Attack 2 68
Defense 2 22
Accuracy 2 50
Evasion 2 21

Fire Medal Saichan

Saichan Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 420
Attack 2 67
Defense 2 43
Accuracy 2 44
Evasion 2 17

Fire Medal Omias

Omias Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 580 Positive Arrow 1
Attack 2 79 Positive Arrow 1
Defense 2 30 Positive Arrow 1
Accuracy 2 53 Positive Arrow 1
Evasion 2 28 Positive Arrow 1

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Golden Fossil

When you battle her in the post-game tournaments she uses T-Rex, Amargo, and Saichan.


  • While her teams are focused on Fire-types (similar to Rosie in Fossil Fighters), the first time you fight her, Pauleen has one Fire-type in her team, Berto. This could be explained since the mask was controlling her at the time, and chose Vivosaurs she would not normally use.
  • Pauleen may be romantically interested in the player character as shown after you defeat her the first time while you hold hands.
    • However, even if you choose the Heroine, the Heroine still swoons over Pauleen.
  • Believing that Pauleen's design is based on Rosie is reasonable, for they are both female NPC's with pink hair that's tied up in pigtails, have Fire -based teams, and have "diga" in their dialogue at one point or another.
  • No one seemed to notice the resemblance between Pauleen without her mask on and with it on in the middle of the story when she loses her mask.
  • Her starter was most likely Amargo.
  • There's a possible error in the game where Pauleen's eyes are green at some points and blue at others. This is most likely a model mistake.