Pay-To-Dig sites are located in Greenhorn Plains, Rivet Ravine, Hot Spring Heights, Treasure Lake, and Rainbow Canyon. The prices vary from Dig Site to Dig Site.

Fossil Fighters

  • Carchar mini medal Carchar
  • Acro mini medal Acro 
  • Neo mini medal Neo 
  • Angato mini medal Angato
  • Carno mini medal Carno 
  • Paraloph mini medal Paraloph 
  • Centro mini medal Centro 
  • Pachrino mini medal Pachrino
  • Dimorph mini medal Dimorph 
  • Andrarch mini medal Andrarch 

Fossil Fighters: Champions

  • Dimorph Medal FFC Dimorph 
  • Zino Medal FFC Zino 
  • Saichan Medal FFC Saichan 
  • Sopteryx Medal FFC Sopteryx
  • Gorgo Medal FFC Gorgo 
  • Alio Medal FFC Alio 
  • Onyx Medal FFC Onyx 
  • Nasaur Medal FFC Nasaur 
  • Elasmo Medal FFC Elasmo
  • Brontoth Medal FFC Brontoth 
  • M-Raptor Medal FFC M-Raptor
  • V-Raptor Medal FFC V-Raptor 
  • Cheirus Medal FFC Cheirus
  • Paraloph Medal FFC Paraloph 
  • Ptera Medal FFC Ptera
  • Salto Medal FFC Salto 
  • Lexo Medal FFC Lexo 
  • Ourano Medal FFC Ourano 
  • Pelto Medal FFC Pelto
  • Arsith Medal FFC Arsith
  • Apato Medal FFC Apato
  • Neo Medal FFC Neo
  • Orno Medal FFC Orno
  • Guera Medal FFC Guera
  • O-Raptor Medal FFC O-Raptor
  • Einio Medal FFC Einio
  • Metria Medal FFC Metria
  • U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor
  • Radox Medal FFC Radox
  • Perso Medal FFC Perso
  • Hoplo Medal FFC Hoplo
  • Pendem Medal FFC Pendem
  • Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth

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