Petrified Woods

ストーンウッズ Stone Woods

Petrified Woods
The Hero entering the site


Ribular Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Petrified Woods (ストーンウッズ Stone Woods) is a Dig Site in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It is located on the farmost west side of Ribular Island. This Dig Site hosts an abundance of Air-type Vivosaurs.

Story Significance

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When the BB Brigade Trio attempt to sabotage the Spinal Pillar, the hero(ine) is sent to retrieve the fossil of an extinct fish, "sardinisaurus," because it is the only thing that contains enough calcium to restrengthen the Pillar and save the Caliosteo Islands, and with them, the Cup. The player finds the fossil above the cavern, and brings it back to "Joe." Post-game, Duna's Due could be started by talking to and battling Duna above the Cavern, although this is sadly no longer an option since wireless communications were cut for the Nintendo DS and Wii.

Vivosaurs found at this Dig Site


An asterisk (*) indicates a Vivosaur that is rare.

# Image Vivosaur Element
003 Tarbo Medal FFC Tarbo * Air Air Medal
009 Shanshan Medal FFC Shanshan * Air Air Medal
056 Nodo Medal FFC Nodo Air Air Medal
061 Hypsi Medal FFC Hypsi Air Air Medal
077 Pachrino Medal FFC Pachrino Earth Earth Medal
099 Megath Medal FFC Megath Air Air Medal
132 Parium Medal FFC Parium Air Air Medal
133 Ceros Medal FFC Ceros Air Air Medal
137 Edapho Medal FFC Edapho Air Air Medal

Above Cavern

# Image Vivosaur Element
031 Aopteryx Medal FFC Aopteryx Neutral Neutral Medal
081 Coatlus Medal FFC Coatlus Air Air Medal
082 Jara Medal FFC Jara Neutral Neutral Medal
124 Sungari Medal FFC Sungari Fire Fire Medal
125 Thalasso Medal FFC Thalasso Water Water Medal
126 Hopter Medal FFC Hopter Earth Earth Medal