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Petula is a female NPC. Featured in Fossil Fighters: Champions, she is central to the sidequests Show and Tell and Show and Tell 2


Petula stands dead center between the two mammoth murals on the second floor of the Ilium Island Fighter Station. Dressed in a lime green coat and brick red pants, she is difficult to miss. She plays a cardinal role in the sidequests Show and Tell and Show and Tell 2. In both of the aforementioned, she requests that the Hero battle her with three specific Vivosaurs.

Role and Battles

Show and Tell

In the first of the two sidequests revolving around Petula's Fossil Battle requests, she asks that the Hero use Nigo, Peloro, and Coelo to battle her team with. Her team consists of three Rank 6 Vivosaurs, all of which are Attack-oriented.

Fire Medal Berto

Neutral Medal Krypto Earth Medal Raja
Berto Battle Krypto Battle Raja Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 6

LP 2 207

Attack 2 32

Defense 2 13

Accuracy 2 32

Evasion 2 9

Rank 2 Rank 6

LP 2 189

Attack 2 29

Defense 2 11

Accuracy 2 43

Evasion 2 12

Rank 2 Rank 6

LP 2 207

Attack 2 35

Defense 2 11

Accuracy 2 30

Evasion 2 11

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