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Poison ( Poison) is a status affliction. Represented by the skull icon Poison Super Poison, poison inflicts damage on the target Vivosaur at the end of its turn. Poison is most commonly associated with Water Vivosaurs and raptors, although other Vivosaurs are capable of learning Poison skills. Poison can be healed with Nullify and Rallying Cry.

There are three levels of Poison in the game, indicated by the color of the icon; standard Poison is the normal color, Super Poison is golden, and Venom (unique to U-Raptor) is purple. Poison skills are a great way for low Attack Vivosaurs to inflict damage and are useful for damaging high Defense Vivosaurs as the damage dealt is proportional to the target Vivosaur's max LP. Standard poison inflicts 15% of a Vivosaur's max LP, Super Poison inflicts 30% of its max LP and Venom inflicts 50% of its max LP.

FFF Poison

T-Rex Sue inflicted with Poison in Frontier

Infection may be considered a form of Poison, as the damage is proportional to 100% of a Vivosaur's max LP. However, it takes multiple turns for it to work, and there is no icon on the Vivosaur as with standard Poison, Super Poison and Venom.

In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, there is only one level of Poison. It inflicts damage proportional to 15% of a Vivosaur's max LP at the end of the Vivosaur's turn and lasts for two turns unless it is reapplied or cured with an Ailment Cure Support Shot. It can be prevented with an Ailment Block shot.

Vivosaurs that can Inflict Standard Poison

  • Alio Medal FFC Alio
  • Tro Medal FFC Tro
  • Nychus Medal FFC Nychus
  • M-Raptor Medal FFC M-Raptor
  • U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor
  • V-Raptor Medal FFC V-Raptor 
  • Breme Medal FFC Breme
  • Spino Medal FFC Spino 
  • Angato Medal FFC Angato 
  • Sucho Medal FFC Sucho 
  • Onyx Medal FFC Onyx 
  • Jiango Medal FFC Jiango 
  • Lexo Medal FFC Lexo 
  • Ankylo Medal FFC Ankylo
  • Nasaur Medal FFC Nasuar 
  • Plesio Medal FFC Plesio 
  • Epidex Medal FFC Epidex 
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus 
  • Thalasso Medal FFC Thalasso
  • B-Plesio Medal FFC B-Plesio 
  • Z-Rex Medal FFC Z-Rex
  • Z-Tricera Medal FFC Z-Tricera 
  • Z-Ptera Medal FFC Z-Ptera 
  • Z-Elasmo Medal FFC Z-Elasmo 
  • Raptin Medal FFC Raptin 
  • Squilk Medal FFC Squilk 

Vivosaurs that can inflict Super Poison

  • Alio Medal FFC Alio 
  • Alectro Medal FFC Alectro 
  • Cryo Medal FFC Cryo 
  • Tro Medal FFC Tro
  • M-Raptor Medal FFC M-Raptor 
  • V-Raptor Medal FFC V-Raptor 
  • Nasaur Medal FFC Nasaur
  • Plesio Medal FFC Plesio 
  • Brontoth Medal FFC Brontoth 
  • Epidex Medal FFC Epidex 
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus 
  • Edapho Medal FFC Edapho 
  • Geneos Medal FFC Geneos
  • B-Plesio Medal FFC B-Plesio 
  • Raptin Medal FFC Raptin 
  • Dynal Medal FFCDynal 

Vivosaur that can inflict Venom

  • U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor 

Vivosaurs that can inflict Poison in Fossil Fighters: Frontier

# Image Vivosaur Element
016 Spino Select Spino Water Water Medal
018 Angato Select Angato Water Water Medal
023 Dilopho US Select Dilopho US Water Water Medal
030 Zino Select Zino Neutral Neutral Medal
052 Jiango Select Jiango Water Water Medal
070 Thalasso Select Thalasso Water Water Medal
074 Dimetro Select Dimetro Fire Fire Medal
088 Zinodious Select Zinodious Neutral Neutral Medal

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