Joanie and Pooch

Princess Pooch with Joanie.

Princess Pooch Poochian (ワンコ ・ ワンチャッチャ Wanko Wanchaccha), also known under the alias of "Madame Pooch" (ワンコ Wanko) is a bulldog NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions. She is actually royal heir to the throne of Nomadistan. The Hero first meets her at Rainbow Canyon. She is seen again in the Caliosteo Cup, where she uses two Gomps and a Marple although, at the time, the player is to believe Joanie is the one doing the battling.

Minister Pomposa gives a Miraculous Fossil Rock as a reward for finding and rescuing her from Pat Bull in the Jungle Labyrinth. Her best friend is Joanie, who seems to be the only human to understand her.

After the completion of the storyline she uses Andrarch, Paki, and Zanth.
Princess Pooch


  • Her Japanese name, Wanko, is a combination of ワン wan, the Japanese onomatopoeia for the sound a dog makes, and コ ko, a common ending for Japanese female names.
  • This is the second dog to battle the hero in a Fossil Fighters game. The first was Rex, the BB Bandit dog from the first game.
  • Princess Pooch uses 2 dog-like Vivosaurs when you face her after you beat the game, Andrarch and Paki.