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Raja FFF


Earth Medal Earth






Mesozoic Cretaceous


29.5 ft./9 m.



Discovered (Real World):


Discovered (Park):


Raja ( ) is an Earth Element Vivosaur featured in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. Raja maintains its design, with few changes from its appearance in the second game.


Flavor Text: Raja is weak when facing rearward. Its skills are good against downward and rearward stances.

Vivosaur Description: A large, regal, one-horned vivosaur. Its Fearsome Roar ability can be troublesome, but its Electroshocker and Shock Cannon skills excel against flying foes.

Dinosaur Description: A stocky dinosaur with a single short horn. Well-built and fearless, it likely ensnared its prey by slamming itself into them.

Location Table

Location Head Body Arms Legs
Normal Lantern Lake G7 H5 H5 K6
Rare Autumn Garden: Maple River Way 2, 3 4 5 1

For normal fossils, those are coordinates on the bottom screen to find the fossil easier. For rare fossils, those are the radar levels you need equipped to find the fossil at the end of a route. Please note that occasionally a rare fossil is found in a dig site and not a challenge route. In this case, coordinates are provided instead.


Attribute Value
Ability Fearsome Roar
Good Stance
Bad Stances Own-Rear
LP 163
Attack 92
Defense 83
Speed 52
Critical 30


SKILLS Head Skill Normal Head Skill Rare Body Skill Normal Body Skill Rare Arm Skill Normal Arm Skill Rare Leg Skill Normal Leg Skill Rare Boost
Name Beastly Bite Cranial Upper Tackle Shock Cannon Triple Quake Electroshocker Tail Strike Heavy Stomp Dual Cannon
FP 35 70 70 105 175 175 70 175 N/A
Boost 2 1 0 0 0 1 2 1 N/A
Power 30 37 27 35 42 52 41 35 41
Accuracy 90 100 120 120 90 90 100 100 100
Resultant Stance Own-Front Own-UpFoe-Up Own-Front Own-FrontFoe-Front Own-Front Own-FrontFoe-Front Own-RearFoe-Rear Own-Down Own-FrontFoe-Front
Affinity O Foe-Up Foe-Rear Foe-Rear Foe-DownFoe-Rear Foe-Front Foe-Down Foe-Down
Affinity X
Ailment None None Confuse None None None None None None
Counter O O O X X X O X X
Spread X X X X O X X O X
Flying X X X O X O X X O
Misc. Always ails.


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