Rallying Cry
Goyle Rallying Cry
Goyle using Rallying Cry

Move Effect:

Status Recovery


30 FP

Rallying Cry is a skill that is introduced Fossil Fighters: Champions that eliminates all negative effects from one chosen ally. It costs 30 FP and does not remove positive status effects such as Harden, Enflame, Quicken, etc.

Vivosaurs that can use Rallying Cry

Vivosaurs listed below that were in the original Fossil Fighters had their original positive status effect skills replaced with Rallying Cry.

  • Metria Medal FFC Metria
  • Tro Medal FFC Tro
  • U-Raptor Medal FFC U-Raptor
  • Stego Medal FFC Stego
  • Kentro Medal FFC Kentro
  • Saichan Medal FFC Saichan
  • Goyle Medal FFC Goyle
  • Einio Medal FFC Einio
  • Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth
  • Nigo Medal FFC Nigo 
  • Dacerus Medal FFC Dacerus
  • Machai Medal FFC Machai
  • Ceros Medal FFC Ceros 
  • Synthos Medal FFC Synthos
  • Edapho Medal FFC Edapho
  • Parapu Medal FFC Parapu 

Super Evolvers that can use Rallying Cry

  • Barbaros Medal FFC Barbaros
  • Geneos Medal FFC Geneos 

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