Revival of a Spinax

Revival is the process of resurrecting a Vivosaur from its fossils. To revive a Vivosaur in Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions, you must first obtain its skull. Some Vivosaurs are contained in Giant Fossil Rocks. These rocks contain the entire skeleton and are all that you need to revive and entirely integrate a complete Vivosaur. Curious Fossil Rocks also contain the entire skeleton but of smaller invertebrates that have to have both sides cleaned. Wondrous Fossil Rocks only found in Fossil Fighters: Champions contain Silver Fossils, which allow you to Super Revive a Vivosaur into a stronger and differently-colored form. Depending on the type of Silver Fossil (either the head, body, arm, or leg), the Vivosaur will gain an alternate coloration and certain stats will be raised (see Super Revival for more details). Miraculous Fossil Rocks only found in Champions contain Gold Fossils, which allow you to Super Revive Vivosaurs. Some Vivosaurs will become Super Evolvers upon the integration of a Gold Fossil. Not all Vivosaurs have alternate forms. Even if a Vivosaur doesn't have an alternate form, a Gold Fossil can still be integrated - the Vivosaur will retain its default coloration and gain a permanent boost to all its stats.

There is a factor upon Revival. When a fossil is cleaned, the amount of points accumulated by the cleaning will determine the amount of extra point given to the Vivosaur which count towards ranking up. The higher the point value, the more points your Vivosaur receives and in turn, the stronger it becomes. The fossil must be cleaned to at least 50 points before it can be integrated. If the cleaning meter drops below 50 points at any time during cleaning, it results in an instant failure, and the player will not be able to integrate the fossil. The body, arm, and leg fossils are not needed to revive a Vivosaur but are useful to improve its stats and gain ranks. If you clean a part besides the head first, that part will be stored away in your holder until the skull is found. Vivosaurs that are not revived but have parts integrated are displayed as Dino Medals with question marks on them. In the original Fossil Fighters, extra fossil parts are needed to unlock new skills. In Fossil Fighters Champions, parts are not needed to gain skills but are still good for ranking up your Vivosaurs. Skills are learned as you rank up (every odd-numbred level to be exact) even if extra parts are not integrated.

In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, Vivosaurs can be revived with any fossil and gain skills as more parts are integrated.