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Rockin' Billy



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Fossil Fighters: Champions

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Rockin' Billy (Japanese: ホラフキン Horafukin) is a character in Fossil Fighters: Champions. He is involved with the fake monster scheme to scare away fighters so Jerry and Lee, his crew, could get all the fossil rocks in Jungle Labyrinth. At first, only the three knew that it was fake. He gets arrested later on after his crew confessed. After that Stella says that she would see to it herself that he be banished from the islands.


Ribular Fossil Stadium - Ribular Island: Your second Caliosteo Cup match pits you against Rockin' Billy, who admits to being the mastermind behind the monster in the jungle. He uses two Earth -Types and a Water -Type. Parapu will probably be the most trouble because of its confuse skills.

Earth Medal Nigo

Water Medal Parapu Earth Medal Raja
Nigo Battle Parapu Battle Raja Battle

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 1

LP 2 88

Attack 2 25

Defense 2 8

Accuracy 2 26

Evasion 2 8

Rank 2 Rank 2

LP 2 125

Attack 2 18

Defense 2 11

Accuracy 2 37

Evasion 2 13

Rank 2 Rank 1

LP 2 72

Attack 2 24

Defense 2 8

Accuracy 2 30

Evasion 2 10


  • His name is a pun of the musical genre rockabilly.
  • A person with a massive black pompadour can be seen relaxing in the Hot Spring, but cannot be spoken to. It can be assumed that this is not Rockin' Billy; as Stella stated that he would be banished from the islands. If it is indeed him, he could have evaded arrest or snuck back onto the island.
  • Unlike many of the other characters you face in the Cup, it is not possible to face him again in the Post-Game, or even a character similar to him from a random encounter.
  • Rockin' Billy's dialogue and hairstyle were meant to mimic (albeit in an over-the-top way) the famous rock singer Elvis Presley.