Roland FFF 01
Japanese: フィリップ Philip
Debut: Fossil Fighters: Frontier
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Sandy blond
Eye Color: Blue
Species: Human
Relatives: Unknown
Occupation: Warden
Affiliation: Wardens
Signature Vivosaur: Tricera Select Tricera
Roland (フィリップ Philip) is one of the first Paleo Pals you encounter in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. He is a Warden.

Roland becomes friends with the player by accidentally rolling into them. His description in the game is "A hefty lad who stumbles and rolls a lot."

To become his Super Paleo Pal, you talk to him in Asia HQ's Lobby after you complete the main story.

Paleo Pal Information

Paleo Pal Information
Rank 7
FP Recharge 62
FP Max 124
Digging Level 3
Vivosaurs Tricera Select Tricera
Igua Select Igua (Super)
Bone Buggy Heavy Hauler (Light Green)
Support Shots Defense Up
Evasion Up
Critical Up