Rose is a NPC in Fossil Fighters: Champions who can be found near the flower beds of Ribular Town. She wears a yellow jacket and pink pants. She talks about similarities between flowers and certain Vivosaurs.



"I'm visiting this island to learn about vivosaurs and flowers. It's going to be so much fun!"

"Flowers and vivosaurs aren't so different, you know? For instance, some flowers put people to sleep, and the vivosaur Jara can do the same!'"

"I just discovered a flower with the ability to excite people! Oddly enough, the vivosaur Allo has the exact same skill."

"Brrr! I was snacking on some strange flowers and almost ate one that was poisonous! You know, the vivosaur Alio is also poisonous. ...Although I have no interest in snacking on it."

"I spent all day grinding flowers into medicine for various ailments. Did you know vivosaurs like Hypacro can do the same thing? ...Cure ailments, I mean. Not grind up flowers, I think you need opposable thumbs for that."

"Aopteryx is a vivosaur that's learned how to transform itself, just like a seed becomes a flower! OK, that metaphor was a bit strained, even for me."

"If you're ever injured, you can find healing properties in many local flowers. And if your vivosaurs are low on health, they can find healing from Maia and others!"

"Cactus flowers are pretty, but they're surrounded by nasty thorns. It's just like the vivosaur Ourano! That one has a mean automatic counterattack skill."

"Everyone here is batty for reviving dinosaur fossils, but no one wants to revive flowers. It's discrimination! ...OK, it's totally not. But they should still give me a crack at that revival machine once in a while!"