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FossilDig CEO (Father)

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Water Medal Water Element Vivosaurs

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Mapo Battle


Fossil Fighters: Champions

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Rupert VS Icon FFC

Rupert (ラプター Raptor) is a major character in Fossil Fighters: Champions. His father is the owner of the FossilDig Company. He initially acts rudely, not only to the Hero and Todd, but to everyone in general, and only seems content with winning. However, as the story progresses, he becomes one of the player's best friends. The player battles alongside him against his father before the Caliosteo Cup final. Near the end of the game's story, after Joe has returned to his body, Zongazonga takes over Rupert's body in the elevator to Joe's suite. Zongazonga can be found to the right of the peak in Icegrip Plateau.


When you battle him in your final Caliosteo Cup battle, he has 2 Mapos and a Mapo King.

Illium Village - Illium Island: Rupert can be found just outside of the Fossil Center. He now has an Archaeo and Tanstro on his team.

Rupert VS Icon FFC

Archaeo Medal FFC Tanstro Medal FFC Mapo King Medal FFC
BP Earned: 0

Water Medal Archaeo

Archaeo Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 200
Attack 2 37
Defense 2 13
Accuracy 2 45
Evasion 2 24

Water Medal Tanstro

Tanstro Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 600
Attack 2 88
Defense 2 20
Accuracy 2 32
Evasion 2 14

Water Medal Mapo King

Mapo King Battle
Rank 2 Rank 20
LP 2 680 Positive Arrow 1
Attack 2 95 Positive Arrow 1
Defense 2 48 Positive Arrow 1
Accuracy 2 44 Positive Arrow 1
Evasion 2 11 Positive Arrow 1

No Super Fossil

No Super Fossil

Golden Fossil

Ribular Town - Ribular Island: Rupert is the Round Three opponent in the Ribular Island Battle Royale.  

Water Medal Mapo

Water Medal Shoni Water MedalKrona
Mapo Battle Shoni Battle Krona Battle

Silver Body Fossil

Silver Body Fossil

Silver Body Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1 640

Attack 2 83

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 1 46

Accuracy 2 54

Evasion 2 14

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1 660

Attack 2 66

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 1 35

Accuracy 2 35

Evasion 2 10

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1 640

Attack 2 85

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 1 35

Accuracy 2 36

Evasion 2 10

When Zongazonga takes over Rupert's body, he battles with Z-Ptera, Z-Elasmo, and Z-Tricera. The speed of the three Vivosaurs is high, so it might be a challenge to get the first attack.


  • Unlike the other characters, Rupert will always battle the player with pure Water-Types. It is only against Todd that we see him using a different Elemental Type.
  • While the majority of his Vivosaurs are carnivorous and focus on high attack power, he uses Archaeo after the game, which is herbivorous and support-oriented, not to mention it has the ninth lowest attack power in the game.
  • If the player picks the female character at the start of the game, Pauleen will swoon over him.
  • Rupert's official artwork has him holding a Mapo Dino Medal in his left hand.
  • His favorite Vivosaur is apparently a Mapo.
  • In Fossil Fighters Frontier there is a tournament called the Seven Scramble with a competitor named Rupert. It is theorized by some that this is, indeed, the Rupert from Fossil Fighters: Champions. However this "Rupert" uses a Tricera instead of his signature Mapo so this may not be the case, though it does solidify Frontier in the Fossil Fighters Canon.
  • Rupert's design may be based on Dimetro, despite the fact Mapo is his signature vivosaur.