The Support Zone, commonly referred to as the SZ, are the side postitions in a Fossil Battle, represented by blue hexagonal tiles. Allies and enemies in the SZ contribute percent changes to the AZ's stats, called Support Effects.The Vivosaurs' Attack and Defense are at their normal level in the AZ, whereas here, Attack is halved and Defense is doubled, except for Long-Range Class Vivosaurs. Also, when a Vivosaur

The Support Zone (or SZ), shown by the blue hexagonal spaces.

attacking the SZ from the AZ, or if using a Team Skill from the SZ, the attacking Vivosaur's attack stat is halved, and quartered, respectively.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, the zone feature became defunct, and the EZ was removed to make room for a third SZ. Vivosaurs in the SZ can now attack enemy Vivosaurs in any spot on the field and from any of the three SZ zones.