Sacrifice FFC
Apato using Sacrifice

Move Effect:

Ally LP Recovery


50 FP

Sacrifice (命のバトン Life Baton) is a skill where a Vivosaur reduces its own LP to one and gives the sacrificed Life Points to its ally with the lowest LP. If there is more than one ally on the field, the LP is divided equally between the two, potentially wasting some. It costs 50 FP. Sacrifice is technically the opposite of Law of the Jungle.

Vivosaurs that can use Sacrifice

Apato Anato Penta Mammoth Toba Menchi
Apato Battle Anato Battle Penta Battle Mammoth Battle Toba Battle Menchi Battle

Menchi Anato Mammoth Toba Apato Penta
Menchi Battle Anato Battle Mammoth Battle Toba Battle Apato Battle Penta Battle

Super Evolvers that can use Sacrifice

Papygon Equinas
Papygon Battle Equinas Battle

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