Sam Inaro is a male character featured in Fossil Fighters and is located in Rivet Ravine. He asks the player to dig up a total of eight fossils and to bring them to him. Once this is done, he grants the ability to see the color of collected fossil rocks. The colors of each individual fossil rock represent one of the five Elements. The in-game text will also tell the player the fossil's element affiliation.

Later in the game, Sam will ask the player to bring him sixteen colored fossil rocks in exchange for a new skill. Upon showing him the required sixteen rocks, the player gains the ability to unearth dark fossil rocks, which contain rare or colossal gems, red-boned fossils and Dropping Fossils.


  • Sam Inaro's name is a pun on the word "seminar".


  • Due to the number of fossil rocks the player has to give him in order to find dark fossil rocks, it is impossible to find dark fossil rocks without having the first fossil case upgrade.