The Samurai is a male character introduced in Fossil Fighters. He lives in the first room on the right side of the Hotel. He will not let the Hero in until he becomes a Master Fighter. After gaining access to his room, he will speak to the player and go wait in the top-left room of the Fossil Stadium, where he can be battled. If the Hero wins, the Samurai will return to his room and will be available to battle whenever the player wishes.

The Battle

He has an F-Raptor, Futabi, and Mihu, all at Rank 12. He gains 220 FP per turn, and will wait a turn and then use the team skill of whichiever Vivosaur happens to be in the AZ. These team skills are very powerful, and the player should avoid them if they can.

If the player wins, he or she will earn 10 Battle Points and the Samurai Mask.


"I am both a samurai and what you call a Fighter. I am perhaps the only Fossil Samurai. You seem a worthy opponent is it a battle you seek? Come to the Fossil Stadium common room when you are ready to face me."

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