Scare is a status effect introduced in Fossil Fighters and came back in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It can prevent Vivosaurs from using some, or even all of their moves. There are two levels to scared: one represented with a silver icon (prohibits two skills) and another with a gold icon (prohibits three). It goes away after two turns unless the scared Vivosaur is swapped (FF only), Neutralize or Rallying Cry is used on it, or the status is reapplied. Dinomaton is immune to this status (probably because robots are thought to be emotionless).

Vivosaurs with Scare Skills

  • T-Rex Medal FFC T-Rex
  • Daspleto Medal FFC Daspelto 
  • Gorgo Medal FFC Gorgo 
  • Siamo Medal FFC Siamo (Fossil Fighters only)
  • Alectro Medal FFC  Alectro (Fossil Fighters only)
  • Megalo Medal 2 Megalo 
  • Salto Medal FFC Salto 
  • Shuno Medal FFC Shuno 
  • Perso Medal FFC Perso 
  • Amargo Medal FFC Amargo 
  • Styraco Medal FFC Brontoth 
  • Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth 
  • Chelon Medal FFC Chelon 
  • Krypto Medal FFC Krypto 
  • Hopter Medal FFC Hopter 
  • Anan Medal FFC Anan 
  • Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro 
  • Tanstro Medal FFC Tanstro 
  • Gaudry Medal FFC Gaudry

Boneysaurs with Scare Skills

  • B-Rex Medal FFC B-Rex
  • B-Brachio Medal FFC B-Brachio 
  • B-Ptera Medal FFC B-Ptera
  • B-Plesio Medal FFC B-Plesio 
  • B-Tricera Medal FFC B-Tricera 
  • B-Jara Medal FFC B-Jara 

Super Evolvers with Scare Skills

  • T-Rex Lord Medal FFC T-Rex Lord 
  • Omias Medal FFC Omias 
  • Shenliu Medal FFC Shenliu 
  • Lugmos Medal FFC Lugmos

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