Scare, represented by the icons Scare and Super Scare, is a two-turn status condition that prevents afflicted vivosaurs from using some of their skills - Silver Scare seals two skills, and Gold Scare seals three. The sealed skills are randomly selected and change each time the status is inflicted, even if a vivosaur is already Scared.

Dinomaton and the Zombiesaurs are immune to Scare.

Vivosaurs with Scare Skills

  • T-Rex Medal FFC T-Rex
  • Daspleto Medal FFC Daspelto 
  • Gorgo Medal FFC Gorgo 
  • Siamo Medal FFC Siamo (Fossil Fighters only)
  • Alectro Medal FFC  Alectro (Fossil Fighters only)
  • Megalo Medal 2 Megalo 
  • Salto Medal FFC Salto 
  • Shuno Medal FFC Shuno 
  • Perso Medal FFC Perso 
  • Amargo Medal FFC Amargo 
  • Styraco Medal FFC Brontoth 
  • Elasmoth Medal FFC Elasmoth 
  • Chelon Medal FFC Chelon 
  • Krypto Medal FFC Krypto 
  • Hopter Medal FFC Hopter 
  • Anan Medal FFC Anan 
  • Dimetro Medal FFC Dimetro 
  • Tanstro Medal FFC Tanstro 
  • Gaudry Medal FFC Gaudry

Boneysaurs with Scare Skills

  • B-Rex Medal FFC B-Rex
  • B-Brachio Medal FFC B-Brachio 
  • B-Ptera Medal FFC B-Ptera
  • B-Plesio Medal FFC B-Plesio 
  • B-Tricera Medal FFC B-Tricera 
  • B-Jara Medal FFC B-Jara 

Super Evolvers with Scare Skills

  • T-Rex Lord Medal FFC T-Rex Lord 
  • Omias Medal FFC Omias 
  • Shenliu Medal FFC Shenliu 
  • Lugmos Medal FFC Lugmos