Seabed Cavern

海底どうくつ Seabed Cave

Seabed Cavern
The Heroine entering the site


Ribular Island


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Seabed Cavern (海底どうくつ Seabed Cave) is a Dig Site in Fossil Fighters: Champions.


Seabed Cavern is the 10th Dig Site to be "unlocked". However, it is only accessible once through the storyline. Once the battle takes place and the Spinal Pillar is re-calcified, the Hero is unable to return to this Dig Site.

In order to effectively acquire the fossils of the Vivosaurs that are found here, many of which are extremely rare, one must dig until prompted to prepare for battle. Upon receiving this message, the player should decline and return to Robinson. Robinson will allow the Hero to visit this Dig Site as often as he or she wants until the battle is completed. Because of this, the player may continue excavating Seabed Cavern until finding the desired fossils. If the player obtains a full case and is still unsatisfied, one may leave the Bonehemoth and clean or revive any fossils needed before continuing the process.

Story Significance

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The Hero first visits the dig site after the antagonistic Don Boneyard threatens to sink the Caliosteo Islands by severing the Spinal Pillar.

The members of the Caliosteo Patrol Team gather in Joe's Suite to discuss the matter. Professor Scatterly informs them that if the pillar is chipped at enough it will snap and topple over, causing the islands to sink beneath the waves. He says that tragedy is, however, avoidable; the pillar can be restored with an injection of pure calcium. He states that calcium can be found in the fossil of a prehistoric fish- Sardinisaurus. According to Joe, Sardinisaurus can be found in a Ribular dig site that was previously sealed- the Petrified Woods.

Armed with information and an upgraded sonar, the Hero hurries to the dig site and traverses it, eventually finding the requested Sardinisaurus fossil atop an ancient tree at the end of the wood. Fossil in hand, the player returns to Joe on Cranial Isle.

Joe takes the fossil from the Hero and extracts the needed calcium from it. He gives instructions to the player to take the calcium injector he has prepared and head to the Seafloor Cavern with it. 

After a hurried discussion concerning methods of descending to the seafloor, Rupert, Pauleen, Todd, and the Hero race off to the Bonehemoth to ask Robinson for permission to use the colossal ice-gobbling beast to dive beneath the water. Robinson, knowing precisely how to force the whale to sink beneath the waves, tells the party that tickling the beast causes it to submerge. 

Robinson tells the group that there are three entrances to the Seafloor Cavern- one beneath Cranial, another at Ribular, and a third below Ilium. He suggests that the party part and send one individual through each entrance. The four agree to his plan, and the man beckons Todd to him, requiring his assistance in tickling the whale. Todd and Robinson work their magic on the Bonehemoth, and it sinks beneath the waves.

Pauleen and Rupert exit the whale first, in sequence. At the final entrance, the Hero leaves the beast, calcium injector in hand. Todd decides to stay behind to keep the whale calm. 

The player finds Cole, a commander of the BareBones Brigade, with two lackeys, working away at the Spinal Pillar with picks. The goons cease their chipping after spotting the Hero. Cole is stunned by the player's persistence but informs them that their days of meddling have come to an end. He engages in a Fossil Battle with the Hero and is promptly defeated. 

In signature fashion, Cole runs away bawling and his two underlings come scurrying after him. The player wastes no time in approaching the pillar and injecting the vital calcium into it. Almost instantaneously, the pillar heals and fills back out to its normal size.  


# Image Vivosaur Element
012 Megalo Medal FFC Megalo Neutral Neutral Medal
016 Cryo Medal FFC Cryo Water Water Medal
035 Angato Medal FFC Angato Water Water Medal
076 Centro Medal FFC Centro Earth Earth Medal
106 Archaeo Medal FFC Archaeo Water Water Medal
147 Terata Medal FFC Terata Earth Earth Medal

Alternate Locations

If Vivosaurs are not dug up here, here are the alternate locations where they may be found. It is recommended that one uses the appropriate Elemental Mask while searching for these special Vivosaurs., which can help find their respective fossils.


  • Although there are fossils beyond the battle prompt, the player can never reach them. This misleads many into thinking that the dig site can be returned to, but the player cannot access it again after winning the battle against Cole.
  • The Spinal Pillar, the sole purpose for the existence of Seabed Cavern, may be alive, considering it grew back with the aid of additional calcium.
  • All of the Vivosaurs that are found in Seabed Cavern are extremely difficult to find in their alternative dig sites. Digging them up here is recommended.
  • The only way to get the body, arms, and legs of the special vivosaurs is in the seafloor cavern.[citation needed]


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