The Secret Tunnel is the only area in Fossil Fighters where you can find fossils of ZinoTriceraNodo, Chelon, Brachio and Megath. It is located in Rivet Ravine, with the entrance being a "down ladder" in Tunnel #4. Please note that this is only accessible in the postgame. Upon your first entrance you will find a large, anthropomorphic mole named Lemo who will ask you to help him find his brother, O'Mel (yes, both names are anagrams of the word "mole"). Proceeding down the tunnel, you will find a path near an "O" sign and another near an "X" sign. Going through the "O" path three times will allow you to progress to the next area. In the next tunnel you will find two paths. In one you will find a treasure chest. Do NOT open the chest if you want to go on. Go through the path three times without opening the chest to move on. In the next tunnel, you will find the Mole's brother. There's also a second time you save O'Mel. When you save him the first time, he will give you the Mole Mask; something that must be worn when you return re-encounter Lemo, who once again has lost O'Mel. The puzzle changes for this, so remember to go through the "X" sign's path twice, then once for the "O" sign. Next comes three chests, to which you must match the emotions revealed with the ones in the chests. If you find this to be too hard, the answers are left middle right, middle left right, and right left middle.

Vivosaurs in this Dig Site

# Image Vivosaur Element
043 Zino mini medal Zino Fire Fire Medal
044 Brachio mini medal Brachio Neutral Neutral Medal
056 Nodo mini medal Nodo Air Air Medal
073 Tricera mini medal Tricera Water Water Medal
099 Megath mini medal Megath Air Air Medal
100 Chelon mini medal Chelon Water Water Medal

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