Tricera Red

Tricera with a Silver Head

T-Rex Purple 2

T-Rex with a Silver Head

Silver Fossils, found in Wonderous Fossil Rocks, are a very rare fossil type. When cleaned, you must select a vivosaur to use it on. it changes the color and power of the Vivosaur.

When donated, a 100 Pt Silver Fossil gives 50 donation points.



Seismo yt

A Silver Head being integrated to a Seismo.














Use these differences to your advantage. A Vivosaur with low defense may best benefit from a Silver Body Fossil.

How to farm silver fossils (get lots of them quickly)

  • Every dig site has specific silver fossils that can be found there.
  • Wearing any mask will make it so you only dig up fossils of that color, fossilized droppings, and super fossils. Below is a table listing the type of Silver Super Fossil at each dig site and the mask recommended for speeding up the process.
Site Fossil Suggested Mask
Mt. Krakanak Legs Blue
Dusty Dunes Head Blue
Rainbow Canyon Legs Red
R. Canyon Blue Pay Body Not Blue
R. Canyon Red Pay Head Not Red
R. Canyon Green Pay Arms Not Green
R. Canyon Yellow Pay Legs Not Yellow
R. Canyon White Pay Legs Not Pink
Petrified Forest


Jungle Labyrinth Body Red
Treasure Lake Head/Arms Pink
Bonehead Hollow (in TL) Head Red
Hot Spring Heights Head


Icegrip Plateau Legs Red
Bonehemoth Arms Pink

Suggestions for Use

Although it is generally suggested for you to integrate a Golden fossil on all Vivosaurs (As it gives altogether better boosts than the Silver Head and Silver Legs, as well as much more LP), there are uses that could be very useful. For example, T-Rex is able to be Super Revived into T-Rex Lord; However, if given a Silver (Arms) Fossil instead, he gains even more attack than T-Rex Lord, and putting T-Rex at the top of the ladder. It is also suggested that if you want to keep a Vivosaur from Super Reviving (Be it lower FP Skills or Team Skill Compatability issues), you should integrate a Silver part.

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