Skills are types of moves Vivosaurs are capable of using during a Fossil Battle. They carry the elemental typing of the Vivosaur that uses the skill, and can have various effects. All Skills cost FP to use in battle.

A Team Skill is a special skill when Vivosaurs are compatible. They generally cost more FP than the standard Skills, but are often more powerful as well. They will decrease in effectiveness if a team member is defeated.

Fossil Fighters: Frontier removes Team Skills and introduces Boost Skills, attacks that cost no FP, cannot be countered, and cannot miss. Most Skills contribute points to the Boost Meter when used in battle. When the Meter is full, the Vivosaur that filled it will use its Boost Skill. 

In Frontier, Skills have three properties: whether they deal spread damage to surrounding foes (Spread), leave the attacking Vivosaur open to counters (Counter), or strike flying Vivosaurs (Flying). If a Skill has a certain property, there will be an O next to the property; if it does not, then an X will be displayed instead. Skills can also change the stance of the attacking and defending Vivosaurs.

In Fossil Fighters, a Vivosaur's skillset is determined by the number of fossil parts that have been integrated. Each Vivosaur can learn either 4 or 5 skills, including team skills, which are available immediately after revival. The skills are not bound to their respective fossil parts, i.e. if the legs fossil is found before the body fossil, the vivosaur will learn the 2nd skill rather than the 4th. This mechanic was changed in Fossil Fighters: Champions, where a Vivosaur's skillset grows based on level.

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