Tanstro has Sleepy, which makes it enter battle afflicted with Gold Sleep.

Sleep (眠り Sleep), represented by the icons Sleep and Super Sleep, is a type of status effect that Vivosaurs are capable of having inflicted on them. Sleep almost always lasts for one full turn. While a Vivosaur is asleep, it is unable to attack or switch. Luckily, if a Vivosaur is attacked by your opponent right after it was put asleep, it automatically wakes up unless it is inflicted with gold sleep. In that case, if the Vivosaur is attacked by two Vivosaurs, it will wake up. Vivosaurs in the sleep status have 0 Evasion.

Vivosaurs with Sleep Skills

# Image Vivosaur Element
055 Lexo Medal FFC Lexo Earth Earth Medal
060 Pelto Medal FFC Pelto Earth Earth Medal
060 Zanth Medal FFC Zanth Earth Earth Medal
082 Jara Medal FFC Jara Neutral Neutral Medal
088 Guera Medal FFC Guera Neutral Neutral Medal
090 Arsith Medal FFC Arsith Earth Earth Medal
106 Archaeo Medal FFC Archaeo Water Water Medal
111 Nigo Medal FFC Nigo Earth Earth Medal
122 Berta Medal FFC Berta Water Water Medal
140 Tophis Medal FFC Tophis Neutral Neutral Medal
144 Desmo Medal FFC Desmo Fire Fire Medal
150 Tonzilla Medal FFC Tonzilla Earth Earth Medal
157 B-Jara Medal FFC B-Jara Fire Fire Medal


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