Solo Power

Ability Effect:

Stat boost


Fossil Fighters: Champions
Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Solo Power (ロンリーパワー Lonely Power) is an Ability that was first introduced in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It doubles the Attack of a Vivosaur if it is the last one remaining on its side of the field in a Fossil Battle.

In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, Solo Power maintains its activation conditions, but the Vivosaur's Attack boost is reduced to 1.5x.

Vivosaurs with this Ability

Fossil Fighters: Champions

# Image Vivosaur Element
038 Cerato Medal FFC Cerato Air Air Medal
039 Carno Medal FFC Carno Earth Earth Medal
114 Menchi Medal FFC Menchi Fire Fire Medal
128 Peloro Medal FFC Peloro Fire Fire Medal
134 Synthos Medal FFC Synthos Earth Earth Medal
140 Tophis Medal FFC Tophis Neutral Neutral Medal
163 Frigi Medal FFC Frigi Legendary Legend Medal
164 Igno Medal FFC Igno Legendary Legend Medal

Fossil Fighters: Frontier

# Image Vivosaur Element
007 Lythro Select Lythro Neutral Neutral Medal
011 Cerato Select Cerato Earth Earth Medal
030 Zino Select Zino Neutral Neutral Medal
054 Ankylo Select Ankylo Water Water Medal
055 Ankylo BO Select Ankylo BO Fire Fire Medal
064 Mihu Select Mihu Neutral Neutral Medal
069 Sungari Select Sungari Fire Fire Medal
071 Coatlus Select Coatlus Fire Fire Medal
074 Dimetro Select Dimetro Fire Fire Medal