After beating the game(s) (1 and 2) there are a number of special vivosaurs that you can get by doing certain tasks or defeating certain characters.

Fossil Fighters

Frigi Medal FFC Frigi- You can get Frigi after beating all three BB commanders after the game (highly worth it because Frigi is really powerful)

Igno Medal FFC Igno- You can get Igno after beating Saurhead in the Fossil Stadium locker room three times.This is kind of a marathon because he will challenge you three in a row with a different team each without you being able to change your team.

  • Guhvorn mini medal
  • Guhweep mini medal - You can get Guhnash's three brains by defeating him again by using Dr. Diggins's time machine. This is the same exact fight as the first one.
  • Guhlith mini medal

Dynal Medal FFC Dynal- Beat Dynal in his Starship for the third time. Warning: This is probably the most difficult battle in the game. See "Advanced Team Strategies" on this wiki on how to win this fight.

  • Raptin Medal FFC Raptin      
  • Duna Medal FFC Duna                -  To get Raptin , Duna and the Dinomaton you need to revive all 100 vivosaurs
  • Dinomaton Medal FFC Dinomaton

The 5 Chickens- Train ALL 100 vivosaurs to RANK 12 (evil, isn't it?) 

  • Squik Medal FFC Squik
  • Squirk Medal FFC Squirk
  • Squirth Medal FFC Squirth
  • Squilk Medal FFC Squilk
  • Squiro Medal FFC Squrio

Fossil Fighters: Champions

Frigi, Igno- Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. On the main screen, choose "Multiplayer". then go to "Bonus Data" and connect. Your vivosaur(s) will be on the fossil lawn. Collect them and they will be automatically revived and sent to your VMM.

Dinomaton, Duna, Raptin, Dynal, Salada- Special quests will be unlocked after getting messages through Nintendo WFC. The messages can be found in fossils on the Fossil Lawn.

Zongazonga, Z-Rex, Z-Tricera, Z-Elasmo, Z-Ptera- defeat Zongazonga for the second time after beating the game

B-Lambeo, B-Rex, B-Plesio, B-Ptera, B-Jara, B-Tricera, B-Brachio- Defeat Cole (Ilium Village), Lola (Ribular Town ), and Lester (Cranial City (in the Fossil Guild)) for the second time. Each one unlocks two of the aforementioned vivosaurs and the last one unlocks three

Tonzilla- defeat Robinson after beating the game at the end of the Bonehemoth

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