Speedster FFF

Ability Effect:

Extra attack


Fossil Fighters: Frontier

Speedster (スピードスター Speedster) is an Ability that was introduced in Fossil Fighters: Frontier. When activated, it grants a Vivosaur an extra opportunity to attack, though it can still wait. It counts as a second attack, not a second turn, therefore, FP is not added again when Speedster is triggered. Speedster will not activate if the Vivosaur possessing it waits for its turn. However, Speedster can trigger when a Rogue Vivosaur calls for help.

Vivosaurs with this Ability

# Image Vivosaur Element
020 Nychus Select Nychus Fire Fire Medal
029 Hypsi AU Select Hypsi AU Air Air Medal
066 Ptera Select Ptera Air Air Medal
067 Ptera EU Select Ptera EU Neutral Neutral Medal