The Spinal Pillar is a massive column of bone-like material that holds up the Caliosteo IslandsDon Boneyard's last resort for ending the Cup is by sinking the entire Island System by sabotaging the Spinal Pillar. However, fixing the pillar isn't easy. Apparently, the Pillar is made of the strongest Calcium in the world, and the only place to find it is in the fossil of a fictional extinct fish called 'Sardinisaurus'. The Calcium is extracted from the fossil by Joe Wildwest, and put it in an injector needle. The hero then rides the Bonehemoth down to the Pillar, in Seabed Cavern. Cole is there, with two goons chipping at the pillar, and you face him in battle.  By injecting Calcium into the Pillar, it quickly grows back, and the islands are saved. After defeating Cole, the Seabed Cavern area becomes inaccessible.

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