Status Effects are additional properties assigned to some skills. There are Positive and Negative Effects, most of
Status Effects

List of Status Effects

which can be removed with healing skills such as Rallying Cry. All status effects except Charge and Infection were introduced in Fossil Fighters.

Negative Effects

Negative Effects are used against the opponent to hinder their strategy or inflict damage to their Vivosaurs.

  • Poison Poison/Super Poison: Damages the target at the end of its turn.
  • Sleep Sleep/Super Sleep: Prevents the Vivosaur from using skills or swapping. Effect weakens when the target is attacked.
  • Scare Scare/Super Scare: Disables some of the target's skills.
  • Excite Excite/Super Excite: Prevents the team from rotating.
  • Confuse Confusion/Super Confusion: Makes the target behave unpredictably.
  • Enrage Enrage/Super Enrage: Reduces the target's Accuracy, but raises its Attack.
  • Infection(No image): KOs the target after five turns.

Positive Effects

Positive Effects are used on your own Vivosaurs to gain the advantage in battle.

As for Fossil Fighters: Champions some Vivosaurs enter battle with status effects applied because of their abilities. These Vivosaurs are Nigo, Tanstro, Terata, Radox, Dikelo, Parapu, Desmo, Gaudry, Anomalo, and Tonzilla.