Stone Pyramid
The entrance to the Stone Pyramid.


Jungle Labyrinth (Ribular Island)


Fossil Fighters: Champions

The Stone Pyramid (コツミッド Bonemid or Skeletonmid) is a location visited in Fossil Fighters: Champions. It's a smaller Dig Site found deep within the Jungle Labyrinth. It was found by Joe Wildwest, and held the skull of Zongazonga and the Caliosteo Pipsqueak. It first becomes available after the final round of the cup. The hero battles a Guardian here to obtain the Caliosteo Pipsqueak. The Guardian uses three B-Rexes.


# Image Vivosaur Element
024 Delta Medal FFC Delta Water Water Medal
030 Breme Medal FFC Breme Fire Fire Medal
033 Dilopho Medal FFC Dilopho Water Water Medal
107 Epidex Medal FFC Epidex Air Air Medal
Note: Although Dilopho and Delta have their dig sites listed as Stone Pyramid, they are only found in the small clearing right before the Pyramid, classified as Jungle Labyrinth on the top screen map.

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