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There are four Sub-Idolcomps that, along with the Main Idolcomp on the Dinaurian Starship, have the ability to eradicate the human race. King Dynal hired the BB Bandits to recover them so they can accomplish their goal.

The Hero repeatedly fights the BB Bandits for possession of the first three Sub-Idolcomps (dubbed Tacky Idols) throughout Chapters 2-6. Upon finding the fourth "Tacky Idol", Duna reveals that she is a Dinaurian and battles the player.

After all four Sub-Idolcomps are together and Frigisaurus has been defeated, a drastic turn of events leads the Hero and Dr. Diggins to the Dinaurian Starship where they discover Dynal's sick, twisted plot during a Fossil Batte with three Dinomatons. Dr. Diggins suceeds in removing one of the Sub-Idolcomps before they are activated but ends up getting sent back in time (with the idol) to the Jurassic Period. The Sub-Idolcomp he had pilfered explodes in to six pieces, which scatter across Vivosaur Island.

The first five pieces are in all previously visited Dig Sites (except BB Base). The sixth piece is located on Secret Island. Duna, now an ally to the protagonists, comes with you only to discover the final piece is within a person-shaped stone in the Crashed Starship's stone sleep chamber. Raptin comes to take the statue but flees after being defeated a Fossil Battle. The fossilized human is revealed to be a barefoot Dr. Diggins.

Dynal ends up taking the last Sub-Idolcomp and the Hero battles him and wins, making Dynal realize he misunderstood about the human race. But, Raptin is still mislead and proceeds to activate the Idolcomps. At that moment, the Sub-Idolcomps intervene and try to prevent the Main Idolcomp from exterminating Earth. But the Main Idolcomp resists and summons Guhnash, the world-eating beast.

After finishing the main storyline, you can speak to the Sub-Idolcomps. The small one on the far right wishes to be a Commentator with P.A. and Slate.


  • It should be noted that the Sub-Idolcomps are designed to represent all the Elements.

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