Super Enflame

Move Effect:

Raise Attack +40
Lower Defense -10


180 FP (Fossil Fighters)
100 FP (Champions)


User or single Ally

Super Enflame (スーパーハッスル! Super Hustle!) is a positive status effect that greatly boosts the Attack stat of a Vivosaur. If the Enflamed Vivosaur has ten or less Defense, the stat will decrease to one, rather than zero.

Enflame is the lesser version of Super Enflame.

Vivosaurs with Super Enflame

Although Dynal and Igno are listed, they do not possess Super Enflame. However, Dynal's Rex Roar skill and Igno's Roaring Fire skill have the same effect.

Fossil Fighters

# Image Vivosaur Element
090 Arsith mini medal Arsith Earth Earth Medal
094 Andrarch mini medal Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
104 Dynal mini medal Dynal* Neutral Neutral Medal
106 Igno mini medal Igno* Legendary Legend Medal

Fossil Fighters: Champions

# Image Vivosaur Element
090 Arsith Medal FFC Arsith Earth Earth Medal
094 Andrarch Medal FFC Andrarch Fire Fire Medal
128 Peloro Medal FFC Peloro Fire Fire Medal
141 Coelanth Medal FFC Coelanth Fire Fire Medal
164 Igno Medal FFC Igno* Legendary Legend Medal
174 Dynal Medal FFC Dynal* Neutral Neutral Medal

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