Super Harden

Move Effect:

Raise Defense +50


180 FP (Fossil Fighters)
75 FP (Champions)


User or single Ally

Super Harden (スーパーカチカチ! Super Harden!) is a skill featured within Fossil Fighters. A greater version of Harden, Super Harden will raise the Defense stat of a Vivosaur by fifty points.

Vivosaurs with Super Harden

# Image Vivosaur Element
052 Yango mini medal Yango Fire Fire Medal
052 Dydomio Medal FFC Dydomio Fire Fire Medal
054 Kentro mini medal Kentro Air Air Medal
072 Proto mini medal Proto Water Water Medal
095 Paki mini medal Paki Water Water Medal
100 Chelon mini medal Chelon Water Water Medal
130 Gomp Medal FFC Gomp Water Water Medal
142 Dunkle Medal FFC Dunkle Earth Earth Medal
156 B-Tricera Medal FFC B-Tricera Water Water Medal

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