Super Quicken
カワスゼ Super Dodge!

Move Effect:

Raise Speed +70%


180 FP (Fossil Fighters)
75 FP (Champions)


User or single Ally

Super Quicken is a skill that greatly raises the target's speed. It is an enhanced version of Quicken.


Quicken raises the target Vivosaur's Speed stat by 70%. Unlike other stat raising skills, the calculated speed increase is not displayed in the stats screen.

Guhweep's "Bend Space" and Raptin's "Quick Shout" are both special skills that function identically to Super Quicken.

Vivosaurs that learn this skill:

  • M-Raptor Medal FFC M-Raptor
  • O-Raptor Medal FFC O-Raptor
  • Dimorph Medal FFC Dimorph
  • Plesio Medal FFC Plesio

Special Vivosaurs that learn this skill:

  • B-Plesio Medal FFC B-Plesio
  • Z-Ptera Medal FFC Z-Ptera

Super Evolvers with that learn this skill:

  • O-Raptor Fiend Medal FFC O-Raptor Fiend
  • Dimorph Ace Medal FFC Dimorph Ace
  • Marple Medal FFC Marple

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