M-Raptor is a classic example of a Support Vivosaur.

Support is one of the many classes of Vivosaurs present only in Fossil Fighters. The support class vivosaurs features very high support bonuses to your AZ (Attack Zone) Vivosaur or very bad support bonuses to your opponent's AZ Vivosaur. Support-Class vivosaurs usually have low stats, to compensate for their support effects. While a variety of vivosaurs are in the Support Class, most of them are small theropods. While positive support effects are a trademark of support-class vivosaurs, it is also determined by skills that support allies, such as healing skills and Sacrifice.

Vivosaurs in the Support Class

Fossil Fighters

# Image Vivosaur Element
022 Compso mini medal Compso Earth Earth Medal
023 Sopteryx mini medal Sopteryx Fire Fire Medal
027 M-Raptor mini medal M-Raptor Air Air Medal
032 Coelo mini medal Coelo Air Air Medal
040 Orno mini medal Orno Neutral Neutral Medal
041 Cheirus mini medal Cheirus Air Air Medal
042 O-Raptor mini medal O-Raptor Neutral Neutral Medal
055 Lexo mini medal Lexo Earth Earth Medal
061 Hypsi mini medal Hypsi Air Air Medal
062 Nasaur mini medal Nasaur Water Water Medal
066 Maia mini medal Maia Fire Fire Medal
067 Anato mini medal Anato Earth Earth Medal
090 Arsith mini medal Arsith Earth Earth Medal
091 Brontoth mini medal Brontoth Water Water Medal
092 Elasmoth mini medal Elasmoth Air Air Medal
093 Hoplo mini medal Hoplo Air Air Medal
097 Mammoth mini medal Mammoth Water Water Medal
112 Guhweep mini medal Guhweep Legendary Legend Medal


  • Anato, despite having negative support effects, achieves Support-Class status by having the Sacrifice skill.

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