Support Effects are how an SZ Vivosaur affects AZ Vivosaurs. They can be positive or negative, and can affect the ally AZ or the enemy AZ, but never both AZ's. While support effects are an important part of the game, not all Vivosaurs have them. More heavily offensive Vivosaurs generally have support effects that weaken it's allies, whereas support oriented Vivosaurs tend to have positive effects.

In Fossil Fighters: Frontier, support effects were replaced by the abilities Ally Stats Up and Ally Stats Down.

Zongazonga gives the largest negative drop, lowering each of the stats of AZ allies by 77%.

TroCompsoDilophoBulgon, Guan, Hibigon, Momo, and Marple have some of the most beneficial support effects, either lowering an enemy's stat(s) or raising that of an ally's by a significant amount.

Nigo and Zino are the only Vivosaurs to have support effects that only benefit the enemy. (some Vivosaurs raise some enemy stats while lowering others, like Zanth, which increases enemy Defense and Evasion by 20%, but at the same time decreases their Attack and Accuracy by 60%.)

Some Vivosaurs lack Support Effects. These Vivosaurs include:

Vivosaur Number Vivosaur Name
# 005 Alio
# 006 Siamo
# 007 Alectro
# 021 Neo
# 024 Delta
# 029 V-Raptor
# 030 Breme
# 035


# 037 Onyx
# 049 Apato
# 077 Penta
# 085 Krona
# 101


# 101 Teffla
# 44 Brachio

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