There are several instances of the species Tyrannosarus Rex in the Fossil Fighters franchise.
  • For the vivosaur in Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions known as T-Rex, see T-Rex (DS).
    • This vivosaur (in Champions only) is capable of Super Evolving. See T-Rex Lord (DS).
    • T-Rex can also be used in Fossil Fighters and Fossil Fighters: Champions using a specific skill and vivosaur. For more information on this, see Guan (DS).
  • For the tyrannosaurid boneysaur used by Cole and Lester in Champions, see B-Rex (DS).
  • For the tyrannosaurid zombiersaur used by Zongazonga in Champions, see Z-Rex (DS).
  • Fossil Fighters: Frontier has a trio of T-Rex.
    • T-Rex Sue shares design elements with Rex (DS), and is a Fire vivosaur.
    • T-Rex Stan is a different take on the Tyrant King; being Air element it has an elemental advantage against Earth vivosaurs that almost all previous incarnations had (excepting Z-Rex), but conversely it's the first in its family to be weak to Fire.
    • Tyrannosaurus is playable in the game, available as "special content" via AR Cards.

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