Cranial City



Eye Color


Hair Color




Specializes in

Fire Element Vivosaurs

Signature Vivosaur


Fossil Fighters: Champions

Terry (テリー) is a featured male character in Fossil Fighters: Champions, and is also the Staff leader of Cranial Isle. The Hero can battle against him after beating the Ilium Village Battle Royal, in the Bonechip Island Battle Royale. He has Lugmos, Dimorph Ace and Peloro all at Rank 20. He gives 60 BP when defeated in the Battle Royale.


Arena - Bonechip Island: Terry is your second opponent in the final Caliosteo Super Cup Tournament. He uses fire type vivosaurs that have Gold Fossils on them.

Fire Medal Lugmos

Fire Medal Dimorph Ace Fire Medal Peloro
Lugmos Battle Dimorph Ace Battle Peloro Battle

Golden Fossil

Golden Fossil

Golden Fossil

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1520

Attack 2 Positive Arrow 182 

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 136 

Accuracy 2 Positive Arrow 150 

Evasion 2 Positive Arrow 120 

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1460 

Attack 2 Positive Arrow 178 

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 122 

Accuracy 2 Positive Arrow 155 

Evasion 2 Positive Arrow 134 

Rank 2 Rank 20

LP 2 Positive Arrow 1460 

Attack 2 Positive Arrow 178 

Defense 2 Positive Arrow 135 

Accuracy 2 Positive Arrow 125 

Evasion 2 Positive Arrow 131 


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