The Digadig Hip-Shaker Dance is a dance performed by members of the Digadig tribe in Fossil Fighters. The chieftain did this dance with a spell to make Rosie say "diga" before words beginning with a "d". It quickly becomes a running gag.

When gathering the three items for Nick Nack, the player will have to go back to the Digadig Village to find out how to molt a fossil bug's shell. After this, a fossil bug will appear, and the player must to rapidly tap the A button to shake your hips "vigorously" until you hear a strange sound. The bug will then molt.

After defeating Guhnash's brains, Rosie or Duna (depending on who the player brought) will activate the portable stone sleep device, and the player will be sent into space from the explosion. After getting back to earth and being revived, he/she wake up, and find out that the machine malfunctioned on the behalf of Rosie or Duna, and either that Rosie suffers from amnesia, or that Duna is stuck in stone sleep forever. This is the part where the Digadig Cheiftain comes on-screen, and tells the player that he (she) can recover Rosie's memory by doing the hip-shaker dance, or "awaken the daughter of a far-off star" (Bring Duna back to life). After hearing the strange noise again, Rosie will say "If you ever do that stupid dance in my room again, I'll kill you!" then follows it up with the laughing icon, and a "tee hee". Duna will say "......" (next box)"...(player's name)?" and Dynal and will become overjoyed (indicated by the laughing icon) and apologize to the cheiftain for questioning his knowledge. The screen will do a "spotlight fade (everything is black, except for anything inside the circle)", and will have your character and Rosie/Duna facing one another, then they'll turn to the screen, and the spotlight will disappear, leading the player to the credits/end cutscenes.

The player can obtain three masks doing the hip-shaker dance at the end of the game, the Digadig Mask, the Chieftain Mask and the Hip-Shaker Mask. The player will have to wear each mask to advance to get the next mask.

In Fossil Fighters: Champions, Pauleen says she gets her power from the Hip-Shaker Dance.


  • The Chieftain often uses the words "passionate" and "vigorous" when describing the dance.
  • The dance is very strenuous when performed correctly, and can result in injury. The two notable victims who fell to the sheer awesomeness of the dance are Nick Nack (sprained hip) and the Chieftain (back).
    • Nick Nack recovered from his injury, but swears to never hip-shake again.
    • It is unknown how badly the Chieftain hurt himself, as this happens at the very end of the game.
      • He makes his return in Champions, but claims to still have "a... bad back, digadig."

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